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Red or Dead is a fashion designer and manufacturer, started in London in 1982 by Wayne Hemingway and his wife Gerardine Hemingway. They design products such as shoes, spectacles, bags, and watches.

Lisa De Haas from England shares some disappointment about the purchase of a ¨Red Or Dead black rod ziggy flat shoes¨ in a review she wrote for SCHUH: "My friend swears by these shoes and has several pairs. So I thought I'd try it. It didn't really work for me. I have plantar fasciitis, and insoles, and it just didn't feel comfortable enough for me, so I sent them back. They look gorgeous though, and I'm disappointed that they didn't work."


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Neil Angus says

"Pretty disgusted by schuh. I made an order of socks. They sent the order in two parcels. Parcel force never even tried delivering them just took them to a drop off shop. I complained and said I was not collecting. Redelivery arrange. Same as above never even bothered to deliver just told me to collect. Disgusting. I complained and said take them back I dont want them. After a week I enquired and was told nothing had been done. I was not happy. So they refunded. 2 weeks later they are accusing me of taking the refund and then collecting one package. Absolutely sick of them. Perfectic comes to mind. Useless another, crooks, and vile accusers. I hate you. You are a horrible vile poorly run with a rubbish mentality. I will sue if you continue to upset me 1138764601"

Catherine Hanvey says

"Hands down the worst shopping experience of my life... first time shopping with this company and definitely will be the last.. do not have a good word to say about this company!!! I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from this company for my son for school. Neither pair was suitable so I returned both pairs together in same package via royal mail- royal mail return was 11pounds as this was due to being medium size parcel and insured up to 100poinds to cover the value of shoes. Schuh recieved my return and emailed me to confirm this- the first mistake was them stating it was returned via collect plus and they were going to deduct 2.50 from my return. I emailed to say this was not my method of return- they apologised and refunded me the 2.50. Then I noticed they only refunded for one pair.... I contacted them to confirm when other refund was being processed- they stated they only recieved 1 pair??? This is not possible as I know what I sent.. 2 pairs together. After several emails saying they are not at fault- saying stock levels show other pair not received. At this point I'm very frustrated as I still am waiting on 50pounds return. I provided my proof of postage thinking this will resolve this matter but NO!!! Still trying to get out of it and keep my money!!!! They said weight on receipt shows 1.56kg so that means only 1 pair returned!!! I asked during your investigation of this what did my shoes weigh?? They could not provide this information... so how did they come to this conclusion that other pair was not returned??? They are saying an average pair of shoes weigh 1kg.... I said an average does not reflect onto my case and I wanted this investigated further and to speak to manager!!! I said the both pair of shoes I returned should of been weighed to get true figures not just palming off my complaint and trying to keep my money... waiting on making a call today to try again to get this resolved. One week later stressful week- making emails and calls in between working all week.... NEVER AGAIN will I shop with this company! Worst customer experience ever!!!"

Marie Fay says

"Covid danger I visited the nottingham shop on climber street on Friday and none of your staff wear masks and all hugging each other and it made me really uneasy purchasing shoes. They did not seem to care or take any safety precautions. I even stood with my sister and observed them passing payment machines from customer to customer without cleaning the machine and none of them sanitised their hands. The worst I’ve seen so far."

martin fisher says

"I ordered a pair of shoes and was emailed the same day to say my order had been collected and would be delivered the next day. I waited in all day to receive an email at 7pm to say my order would be delivered the next day, so I waited in all day again and nothing. I contacted Schuh and asked where was my order, they then said there was a problem with the address as my house has a name the delivery company could not deliver ? Schuh had made no contact with me to say there was a problem. Well I had had enough by now and asked to have a full refund. This type of attitude and the lack of customer care is not acceptable."

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